After rounds of concepting ideas for the launch of the Kia Soul, we realized that no matter what the execution we had a very simple message -- We’re all going from Point A to Point B, but we’re just suggesting there’s a new way to do it. We took that message to heart. Instead of the normal brash, balls-out advertising treatment that cars usually get, we decided there might just be a new way to market to our young target as well. In keeping with that basic thought, we designed a non-traditional brand initiative to complement the launch’s fundamental idea. We created the Soul Collective, which sent Souls on tour with Santigold, MGMT and other sweet bands to play free shows across country, we set up a six-part web series on Youtube, we invented an interactive web game, and we watched as hamsters actually became cool. And ultimately, we constructed the relationship between music and the Soul that would play out for the next six years.